Building for the Future

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We are looking for a 3D Render of this proposed renovation. Below is the vision and then a room by room description. Bids can be sent to [email protected]

Vision for Expanded Hispanic Family Foundation

The lease is up in the next 6 months and our current spaces are not meeting our capacity needs.

We have the opportunity to build some space inside Plaza Mariachi, adjacent to our administrative office. This new space will allow for more classrooms, flex areas, private meeting rooms, and legal services/advocacy meeting rooms, as well as more space for growth and development.

The new building space will give us 5,000 sq ft to build out to our needs for the classrooms, music and dance rooms, meeting space, and storage space, which we desperately need for our community programs.

Our programs not only provide for families’ immediate needs, but they also invest in their future as they learn not only to receive, but also give back to others.

This building is an opportunity for HFF to expand its programs to include all the people in waiting lists for our programs and services.

Our staff is very excited about the expansion, and we sincerely hope that you too will join us on this campaign to Build For The Future of our most vulnerable neighbors. Your support and donations will change lives!

Room-by-Room Description for 3D Rendering

The 5000 Square Foot Space is divided into two Project Phases, Phase 1 and Phase 2 based on fundraising deadlines and available resources.

Phase 1 (2500 SQ ft)

The very rear of the space we would have a storage unit and loading dock with refrigeration units for food donation storage. Once you move into the interior of the space, you will have 2 large dance rooms. Each dance room has an accordion style separation so they can be 1 large space or 2 smaller dance rooms.

In front of the dance rooms we will have seating for parents waiting for students or students going into classes. We would like lockers for kids going into their dance classes where they can storer shoes or clothing. Also in the Phase 1 area we want to have a large kitchen or break room with bathrooms in that same areas but we do want a full kitchen. We can use it for catering, commissary type of kitchen, programming, and instruction.

On the second story above the dance rooms we want to have 3 small meeting rooms, 10×10, two small classrooms that can serve as music rooms for the kids or meeting rooms for some of the partners to meet with families or students. We would also like to have storage cabinets creatively designed above the bathrooms and above the kitchen counters where we can store materials and extra office items and kitchen items. We also need to put in a costume closet.

Inside of a dance room would have dance floor throughout, mirrors along one wall along with a ballet bar.

Phase 1 would have a back entrance which would be by the Paletas store and the emergency exit and then we would also have an exit door that is already existing out of the kiten and break room out to the side parking lot.

Phase 2 (2500 Sq Ft)

Phase 2 would have a door that opens to the front of Plaza Mariachi in between Maz Fresco Market and Juicy Seafood. That would be the door the public. So we would have a reception desk that would be able to seat 2 people, a seating area for incoming clients, and then directly behind the reception desk we would have 2 small testing rooms, probably 8×8 for kids to be able to go in and test for their school placement.

We would also have 2 adult classrooms again that would be separated with an accordian style partition and each classroom would be able to seat 15 students, and instead of desk we’d be like to do tables and chairs like a science lab. Classrooms would need white boards and projectors and podiums. Across from the classrooms we would have 2 small offices that our partners could use and maybe a filing room.

Upstairs on the second story above the adult classrooms we would have a meetings / event space available for our own purposes.


We are looking for a 3D Render of this proposed renovation. Bids can be sent to [email protected]

Below are examples of the type of rendering we are looking for.